International Licence Changeover

The RAC School of Motoring has dedicated driving instructors that specialise in International Licence Changeovers in Brisbane

You can now stop searching for ‘International Licence Changeover Brisbane’ and ‘Can I drive with my international driving licence in australia’ you have found the driving school in Brisbane that can help you get your International Licence exchanged for a Queensland one.

“We are the experts in International Licence Changeovers”

The prospect of learning to drive can often be daunting, more so if your first language isn’t english. However, this is where our expert International Licence Changeover Instructors stand out from the crowd, with many years of experience working with people whose first language isn’t English - They are cool, calm and relaxed and explain methods simply, avoiding confusion and have the ability to give instruction and answer questions in a fashion that is easy to comprehend.

If you feel that you are ready for your driving test, you can book our International Licence Changeover Package Online.

This package not only includes a Pre-Test Lesson and Test Package, but also 2x60 minute lessons to be taken on the lead up to the big day.

but we recommend having at least one 60-Minute Driving Lesson with an RAC School of Motoring instructor prior to your test day. This lesson is an investment and will certainly benefit you.

These two preparation lessons prior to your test day will provide insight into the way that you drive currently, enabling your instructor to suggest changes in your technique and spot any ‘bad habits’ that you may have picked up over the years.

Your expert instructor will explain to you how the driving examiner will expect you to undertake certain tasks and having these lessons at least one week prior to your driving test will give you plenty of time to practice, implementing the tips from your instructor and make the suggested changes habitual, massively increasing your chances of passing your practical driving test at the first attempt.


When should I engage a professional and Why?

  • You should engage the RAC School of Motoring to prepare you for your International Licence Changeover Driving Test as soon as you have successfully completed the Written Road Rules Test at your local Transport Office.
  • “You can learn to drive on your International Licence however, as of January 1st 2014, If you hold a foreign licence and you fail a practical driving test, your authority to drive on your foreign licence will be withdrawn. You will be able to use your foreign licence for the next practical driving test that you take. If you need to practise before taking your next test you will have to get a Queensland Learner Licence.” - Queensland Department of Transport
  • Incurring the cost of obtaining the Queensland Learner Licence can be avoided by preparing yourself for the practical driving exam by engaging a professional, International Licence Changeover, Instructor from the RAC School of Motoring.

    What is Included in the International Licence Changeover Package?

      • The International Licence Changeover Package includes 2x60 Minute Driving Lessons with an accredited RAC School of Motoring Driving Instructor and a Pre-Test Lesson and Test Package. For the 2x60 Minute Lessons you'll picked up from home or work, the practical lessons will be delivered then you'll be returned to your place of pick up. 
      • On your test day, you'll be collected by your instructor 60 minutes prior to the start time of your Practical Driving Test - You’ll drive to the designated test centre giving you the opportunity to get some final practice in immediately prior to the test. You’ll also receive assistance in completing the necessary paperwork if required, car hire for the practical test and drop-off at home following your test.

    Ready to Buy your Automatic International Licence Changeover Package Now?

    Ready to Buy your Manual International Licence Changeover Package Now?


Do I need to change my International licence to a Queensland one?

  • You will need to apply for a Queensland driver licence if you:
    • are not an Australian citizen, but before you took up residence in Queensland you were given a resident visa and you have now been residing in Queensland for 3 months
    • are not an Australian citizen, but after you took up residence in Queensland you were given a resident visa and you have now been residing in Queensland for 3 months since getting the visa.
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