Tanya Blanchette

Tanya Blanchette

Hi my name is Tanya,
I’m 45 years old married with 3 kids, (20, 19, and 16), I’ve been a driver trainer for several years now and loving it, I also teach swimming. I love teaching swimming and driving because it’s my way to keep OUR kids safe and they come home to us each night!
My interest are travelling overseas and in my motor home

Clem Chan

Hi, my name is Clem. I enjoy tennis, weight training, taking my pug (Pancake) out, and am passionate about teaching and driving safely.

When I am not teaching you how to drive, I will be teaching kung fu to either kids, teenagers or adults. I love how I am able to pass on my knowledge by inter relating these passions through similar concepts.  Additionally, by teaching kung fu to these various age groups it has allowed me to be more considerate and patient as a teacher.



  • Cantonese (Native)
  • English (Native)
  • Mandarin (Basic)
  • German (Basic)



  • Certified Driving Instructor
  • Positive Notice – Blue Card (Working with Children)
  • Open Car & Motorbike Licences
  • First Aid Certificate

Rollo Moodie

Rollo Moodie

Hi, I'm Rollo.


I teach both Automatic and Manual licences.


I have over 20 years of driving experience ranging from Medical Transport with the Defence Force to Interstate Multi Combination trucks and Coaches.

I love driving and have driven from Perth W.A to Brisbane and have also ridden my Motorcycle from Brisbane to Darwin return trip.

Holding the above class of licence's has given me a broad knowledge of different driving habits and how to drive safely in varied situations. I hope to pass along as much knowledge as I can to my students about being a safe and aware driver while obtaining their licence and beyond.

My main focus is to teach to the highest standard to be a safe and caring driver towards other drivers.

Wayne O’Connor


  • Advance / Defensive driving Instructor.
  • Master Driver Trainer.
  • Instructor/ Assessor to people wanting to become Driving Instructors.

I have been in motorsport most of my life. Raced cars for over 20 years.

 I love driving and like to see good driving on our roads and that's why I endeavour to help my students to not just pass their test but to be safe and considerate drivers.

Craig Wheeler

My name is Craig and I've been a driver trainer for 9 years now.

I can honestly say that I love the job I do, as it is sometimes the most rewarding, and satisfying career I could have. 

I'm proud to have helped hundreds of learners on to their P’s. And get them on the road to true independence with the best training I can give to make sure they are as safe as can be.

Halima Ebrahimi

Halima Ebrahimi

Hi, my name is Halima. 
I speak Kurdish, Persian, Dari and English. I have been in the education industry most of my working life, teaching students from all ages across different stages of life and skill levels. 
I enjoy teaching people what I have learnt over the years and seeing my students learn and improve their skills over time is inspiring and rewarding. It is amazing what the human brain is capable of.
I look forward to teaching new learners to drive safely and get confident behind the wheel. It is an exciting and rewarding accomplishment.

Noel Lawson

Noel Lawson

Hi, I’m Noel Lawson, married with 4 grown children and 2 Grandsons. I have been a professional driver trainer for 13 years and looking forward to the next 13, I have been driving 40 years, well maybe 48. As a driver trainer I am passing on my 40 years of experience to my young drivers, my main focus in driver training is SAFETY and proper control of your vehicle. Not only teaching you to pass a test, but rather teach you to drive safely correctly for life in many different situations.

Joel Nicolosi

Joel Nicolosi

Hi my name is Joel and I am one of the professional driving instructors currently working within the company.

Driving is my passion, I've been on the road my whole working career, I love to help people and teach them the correct way to stay safe and to be aware as well as responsible on the road.

I have many years of experience working and driving on the road as I was a professional Silver Service driver for many years in a family business.I am here to pass on my knowledge to every student who wants to learn with the emphasis on safe driving on today’s modern busy roads.
I look forward to meeting and helping you on your path to success.

Paul Jansen

Paul Jansen

I’ve been involved with Motorsport most of my life.

For over 10 years I have been a Race instructor in V8 and Open Wheeled Race Cars and I have been facilitating Defensive and Advanced Driver Training Courses for 5 years. I also conduct 4x4 Training in addition to racing rally cars. I love passing on my knowledge of driving and strive to get the best out of everyone and make them the safest driver they can be!

i am very calm and  patient and enjoy working with very nervous drivers and aim to make them as comfortable as possible. 

Ejaz Ahmad

Hi, My name is Ejaz Ahmad and I am happily married with five children.

I currently work with RAC as a professional Driving Instructor. AUTOMATIC and MANUAL car.

I have been in the transport industry for over Thirty years, from driving trucks to Taxi’s and now as a driving instructor.
I can fluently speak English - Urdu - Hindi - Punjabi.
My hobbies include cricket, although I would love to play if I had the time and was younger!

I also enjoy reading the newspaper with a hot chai. I’m passionate to help others to learn the skills of driving and ultimately I want to help make Australian roads safer.  I have always been told that I have a calm and attentive manner when helping others. 

Faiyaz Aziz

Faiyaz Aziz

Hi I’m Faiyaz Aziz, I’m happily married for 21 years and got 2 daughters (18,12). 


I’m very passionate about the motor industry and just love cars and driving.

I am a qualified driving instructor with a Cert. IV in Transport and Logistics teaching Automatic and hold a Blue Card Working With Children. I currently work for BMW and previously worked for human rights commission. 

Having the ability to speak English, Hindi, Urdu and Fiji indian language enables me to teach a range of students from several countries comfortably. I have many years of driving experience back in Fiji, New Zealand and now in Australia. I also enjoy watching rugby and playing soccer. 

I love to see my students succeed and excel in a correct way and teaching them about driving safely, building their confidence to achieve their goals. Anything is possible, you can do it!

I’m very calm, patient, understanding different situations and definitely here to support and pass on my knowledge. All age groups welcome




Mehzabeen Aziz

Mehzabeen Aziz

Hi, I’m Mehzabeen Aziz. I’m happily married to Faiyaz Aziz and have 2 daughters. 
I am a qualified driving instructor with a Cert. IV in Transport and Logistics teaching Automatic and hold a Blue Card Working With Children.  I currently work for Telstra, and Real Estate, previously involved in telecommunications, Community Law Centre, & Community Patrol (Police).
Having the ability to speak English, Hindi, Urdu and Fiji Indian language enables me to teach a range of students from several countries comfortably. I have many years of safe, clean driving experience. 

Apart from everyday busy life, I just love cooking and trying out different recipes, gardening and spending quality time with my beautiful family. I'm  also involved in volunteering community work and love sharing my knowledge, helping hand and leaving a positive impact on others.

I'm well known for being friendly, reliable, approachable, and a genuine desire to help others to find success and achieve their dreams. All age groups welcome.

Darrell Smith

Darrell Smith

My name is Darrell Smith, I've always had a passion for driving and motorsports and have been been a
professional driving instructor for 8 years now, passing on my own knowledge from 45 years of
experience behind the wheel.
I enjoy watching my students gain knowledge of safe driving practises to eventually pass their test and
gain that final independence.

Prior to this I ran my own engineering business for over 35 years after spending some time teaching at Ultimo Trade College.

Mandar Hinge

Mandar Hinge

Hello, I am Mandarr Hinge, happily married for 16 years and have one son. I am accredited to teach Automatic cars. I have excellent safety driving record for more than 20 years without any incident. 


I have experience of teaching driving to students ranging from ages between 17 to 70 years. I feel age is not the limiting factor to learn driving when you have a strong desire. I have helped many overseas experienced drivers in getting their license here.

I believe in planning lessons to suit the requirements of each individual learner as students have different needs and different levels of experience.

I have often been complimented to be a calm and patient trainer.

 I am passionate about teaching and driving safely. I hope to pass on the knowledge to my students to make them safer and responsible drivers.

Along with English, I speak Hindi and Marathi. I look forward to meeting you in near future.  



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