Instructors at RAC School of Motoring

Glen (Manual)

Glen (Manual)

Hi, my name is Glen,


Learning to drive can be a little daunting, but remember, we were learner drivers once.

To gain knowledge or to learn new skills, questions need to be asked. As your instructor, I consider no question to be a silly question.

Coming from a background in the Mining Industry (8 years) and Air & Road Freight Transport Logistics where safety is a priority, as your instructor, your safety is my priority.

You will be taught in a professional, patient and courteous manner to gain the skills to drive a car safely and with confidence.


Makayla (Auto)

Makayla (Auto)

Hello, my name is Makayla Smith,
I am a qualified driving instructor with a cert IV in transport and Logistics. In my late teens I was a
Horse-riding Instructor at my local Pony Club, passing on my own knowledge and experience.

This is when I realised I have a true passion for teaching and helping young people grow.
Now as a driving instructor I aim to teach not only safe driving and vehicle control but also instill
confidence in you so that you know you can handle any obstacle you may face on the road.

Paul (Auto)

Paul (Auto)

I’ve been involved with Motorsport most of my life.

For over 10 years I have been a Race instructor in V8 and Open Wheeled Race Cars and I have been facilitating Defensive and Advanced Driver Training Courses for 5 years. Spent time training tactical driving (P.I.T. Police Interception Techniques)and surveillance for a government Agency in Singapore.

I also conduct 4x4 Training in addition to racing rally cars. I love passing on my knowledge of driving and strive to get the best out of everyone and make them the safest driver they can be!

i am very calm and  patient and enjoy working with very nervous drivers and aim to make them as comfortable as possible. 

Ejaz (Auto+Manual)

Ejaz (Auto+Manual)

Hi, My name is Ejaz Ahmad and I am happily married with five children.

I currently work with RAC as a professional Driving Instructor. AUTOMATIC and MANUAL car.

I have been in the transport industry for over Thirty years, from driving trucks to Taxi’s and now as a driving instructor.
I can fluently speak English - Urdu - Hindi - Punjabi.
My hobbies include cricket, although I would love to play if I had the time and was younger!

I also enjoy reading the newspaper with a hot chai. I’m passionate to help others to learn the skills of driving and ultimately I want to help make Australian roads safer.  I have always been told that I have a calm and attentive manner when helping others. 

Darrell (Auto)

Darrell (Auto)

My name is Darrell Smith, I've always had a passion for driving and motorsports and have been been a
professional driving instructor for 8 years now, passing on my own knowledge from 45 years of experience behind the wheel.
I enjoy watching my students gain knowledge of safe driving practises to eventually pass their test and
gain that final independence.

Prior to this I ran my own engineering business for over 35 years after spending some time teaching at Ultimo Trade College.

Steve (Auto)

Steve (Auto)

Hi , my name is Steve.
As long term residents of Brisbane north side my family and I enjoy the great Queensland lifestyle of outdoors, beach and BBQ's.
As a driving instructor with RAC School of Motoring I have over 35 years of motoring experience along with a certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Car Driving Instruction)
I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge and I'm passionate about helping you to achieve your driving goals.
Noel (Manual)

Noel (Manual)

Hi, I’m Noel Lawson, married with 4 grown children. I have been a professional driver trainer for 15 years, following in the footsteps of my father and Grandfather.  I have been driving for over 40 years, so have a wealth of experience to pass on to my willing Learners. My main focus in driver training is SAFETY and proper control of your vehicle. Not only teaching you to pass a test, but rather teach you to drive safely, correctly along with a good understanding of your vehicle.

Debbie (Auto)

Debbie (Auto)

Hi I’m Debbie,

I’m a qualified driving instructor who lives and works in the Bayside and Redlands area.
I believe I am well equipped to help new drivers learn how to drive safely in all conditions and situations and to be competent and considerate drivers.

I love driving! My dad taught me to drive as soon as I was old enough. He instilled in me the habits of being a careful and conscientious driver as well as a law-abiding citizen. I quickly became a proud holder of not one, but three driver licences:  motorbike, car and heavy duty licence (with authorisation for public passenger services). This enabled me to be employed as a tour and school
bus driver, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I’ve always enjoyed working with people and have a calm, patient and friendly personality. 

If you would like to experience the freedom that comes with being a confident driver, I would love to
teach you!

Dion (Auto)

Dion (Auto)

Hi, my name is Dion. I have over 8 years experience as a professional driver trainer in Brisbane and Perth.

I teach Defensive, 4WD and Gravel Driving and have trained St Johns Ambulance officers in operational driving. Before that I was a Police Officer in Western Australia and New South Wales for over 10 years. Having seen the devastation and carnage of vehicle crashes first hand I have a very strong passion for road safety and ensuring our learner drivers develop the very best driving skills. I have a Certificate IV in Road Transport and Logistics as well as Training and Assessment. I am also an accredited instructor in the Keys2drive program. 

I am married and have four young children. In my spare time I like to travel, play the drums, watch sport and go fishing. I am very relaxed and easy going and ready to pass on my knowledge to learner drivers of all ages.

Tyron (Manual)

Tyron (Manual)

Hi my name is Tyron.

I am a qualified driving instructor with a Cert. IV in Transport and Logistics and teach in a manual vehicle.

I come from a Sports massage and Rehabilitation background, dealing with people of all different ages and backgrounds. My primary goal has always been to assist people to achieve their goals, and as a Driving Instructor this has not changed, I am here to assist you to achieve your goal of obtaining your driving licence, and become the best and safest driver you can possibly be.

Having held a licence in four separate countries for the past 25 years I have ample driving experience which I can pass on to my clients. I have a patient and calm character and enjoy working with people, love a challenge and look forward to meeting and working with you

Geremy (Auto)

Geremy (Auto)

Hi my name is Geremy,
Getting behind a wheel can be quite daunting but I can assure it’s not really as bad as it seems.
I’m excited to share ‘all’ my knowledge and take you on this important journey to getting your licence. Whether you already have some experience behind the wheel or if it’s your first time jumping in the drivers seat.
I have spent a lot of time on the road including medical deliveries to driving interstate many times.You can be rest assured you will be seated next to a confident and experienced driving instructor.
I look forward to meeting you soon!
Kieran (Manual)

Kieran (Manual)

My name is Kieran,

I'm originally from Northern Ireland but have been living in Brisbane in a house full of madness, music and love since 2007 with Kiera and our six kids, six birds, dopey Dogue de Bordeaux, Bruno and a fish with a name he never answers to.

I come from a health and fitness background where I developed a skill for explaining things simply and effectively in a calm and encouraging way, something learner drivers will appreciate and benefit from. Learning to drive can be an intimidating prospect to a young person, I have the personality to ease that and allow the learner to concentrate fully and confidently on the task at hand.

Veronique (Auto)

Veronique (Auto)

I was born in Nice, France and have been in Australia since 1988.  I am married to Stephen Parker also a driver instructor for RAC SoM. We have 2 children , twin boy and girl.  I love animals, I have 2 poodles, 2 cats and a female pet Rat called Oreo.


I have been driving for over 38 years. Very comfortable driving in Europe and Australia .  If you can successfully negotiate a Parisian roundabout you can negotiate anything! 

I have worked as an International flight attendant with Qantas for 25yrs and loved every second of it.

This position has a large focus on safety and customer service which are great skills I have transferred to my role as a Driving Instructor.


One of my first jobs was in Monaco as a private driver in a limousine taxi, driving customers from their hotels to the Casino or their private beaches. This position required a level of maturity and good driving techniques not always apparent in young drivers. 

Always encouraging and positive, I have a calm and patient nature and my goal is to  teach my students to learn the necessary skills to pass their Practical driving test but mostly develop skills to make them a lifelong safe driver.

Being a native French Speaker I can also offer driving instruction in French. A bientôt.
Stephen (Auto)

Stephen (Auto)

Hi, my name is Steve and together with my wife Veronique de Carne we are Driver Instructors for RAC SoM. 
We have 2 children, twin boy and girl. I have over 40 years of driving experience and after leaving school I completed a four years apprenticeship in motor mechanic giving me a sound knowledge of vehicles and how they operate.
I taught conversational English in South East Asia and Japan before becoming an International flight attendant for Qantas. 
Working for this airline for over 27 years has given me a commitment to safety and customer service which I apply to my role as a Driver Instructor. 
Open and friendly, I have a calm, patient and caring nature which helps to put new drivers at ease. 
My goal is not only to get students ready to pass their practical driving test but to also ensure that they learn safe driving practices and techniques that will stay with them for life.
Gary (Auto)

Gary (Auto)

My name is Gary and I am originally from the UK, I was trained in the UK and also as an Instructor here in Queensland with one of the top Driving Instructor Training Agencies in Queensland.
I have worked all over the world in the construction crane industry. My wife and I emigrated to Australia 10 years ago and for four years lived in Perth, however we decided to lay our foundations in this beautiful country and settled in the Bayside area of Brisbane 6 years ago.
I am Honest and passionate about the driving industry with safety my first priority. During driving lessons I am calm and very patient and have a positive outlook on life, we will work together to plan your journey to obtaining your Ps. 
I love to meet new people and especially enjoy passing on my vast knowledge to new and nervous drivers. I have been driving for over 35 years in different countries and have the knowledge and skill that I enjoy passing on to others.
I look forward to helping you on your journey to become a safe and confident driver.
I currently have 2 auto cars a Mazda 2 and a Mazda 3 both models are 2020 so you can choose a car to drive!
Have a great day, take care and drive safe.
Anthony (Auto)

Anthony (Auto)


My name is Anthony and I was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I am happily married with three children and elder two have spent many training hours with me in preparation for their driving test.

I have been professionally trained to drive since age of 18 and gained my Heavy Vehicle Licence at the age 21 enabling me to drive tourist charter buses for my fathers business.

I'm a Metro Bus Driver, have been in the field for over 14 years driving for Metro NSW, SA and currently for Brisbane.

I am a qualified Driving Instructor with Cert IV in Transport & Logistics plus Cert III in Driving Operations. My teaching methods guarantee you feel calm and confident on the road after getting through VORT (vehicle on road test) 

I am a calm, friendly and caring individual who treats safe driving as my main focus.  

Krystyl (Auto)

Krystyl (Auto)

Hello – My name is Krystyl and I want to say congratulations, you have taken the first step in
becoming a safe and skilled driver and to obtaining your licence.

As a skilled driver with over 20 years of experience driving both manual and automatic vehicles, my
aim is to help you feel comfortable and confident both on our roads and to pass that all important
test with ease.

With 20 years of experience as a public servant in both client focused and compliance
roles, I enjoy working with and helping people of all ages to achieve their goals. Having previously
supported people financially and emotionally through accidents following road related incidents;
road rules, road safety and defensive driving techniques are important and something I am
passionate about teaching. I hold a current Cert IV in Transport and Logistics and working with
children Blue Card.

Driving for the first time can indeed be a scary experience, which is why I don’t just intend to teach
you, I intend to work with you to help build your confidence, acknowledge your strengths and make
each experience a positive experience. As you are guided through each lesson you will learn the safe
operation of a vehicle, correct observation and scanning, defensive driving techniques and how to
identify and prevent hazards, amongst many other valuable skills.

Remember – No mistake is a bad mistake when you are learning safely with an instructor, it’s how
we learn, grow and achieve success. I will provide you with as many skills, tools and aids as you
require to help you find the right way from the beginning to the end of your learning journey.

“The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you can’t learn anything from being perfect”
- Adam Osborne (inventor of the portable computer – now known as the laptop)

Gerry (Auto)

Gerry (Auto)

Hi there!

For the last 20 years I have been in the banking industry, with a greater number of years in the administrative and customer service role with close contacts with clients, helping build some good relationships. After that I did a number of roles in the industry with majority of my career placed in the training and development sector. Giving me the opportunity to expand my portfolio with successful contribution as a trainer focusing and providing training to building ways to better implement the daily work tasks.

Having gained this experience in training people, it has given me the opportunity to focus on other areas of traineeship captivating my imagination to work in the field of Learner driver trainee instructor.

Now having developed the skill and experience and the passion to teach individuals who will be taking on the task of driving as a new driver or upscale to update their licensing requirements, I believe I could make a positive impact in providing this service in a professional, safe and with a strategic method guiding them to fulfil the required skills, ensuring they become a safe and responsible driver

So in a nutshell that's who I am professionally and when I am not working I spend my time reading also involving myself in music and photography.

Lastly if you are at a cross road deciding who you think is best to provide you with a road map to obtaining your licence, here at RAC School of Motoring we strive to provide a service that is most innovative in this sector.

Choosing us not only gives you confidence but we’ll ensure you are guided in a stress-free environment in the right path to achieving your goal-in obtaining your licensing needs in a safe, and diligent manner.

And if you so decide to choose me as your driving instructor, I will put my best foot forward to enable You to achieve this in a seamless way.

Kevin (Auto)

Kevin (Auto)

Hi I'm Kevin,

I have over 40 years of driving experience and have driven a variety of vehicles such as motorcycles, off road buggies ,Jeeps, tanks, armoured vehicles, coaches, buses, campervans, forklifts, trucks and of course a range of everyday cars.

I would love the opportunity to pass on my skills and knowledge to you.

With a passion for driving, teaching and water sports I have, over the years, been fortunate to have
taught water-skiing and diving in the UK, Red Sea, Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean. I have also
taught off road driving and have been a lead recovery person in several rallies in the UK.

My family and I relocated to the Northside of Brisbane in early 2019 and now after driving school buses, tour buses and trucks throughout Australia I feel it's time to get back to my passion of

My last role involved being the primary trainer for new truck drivers.
I have an industry authority card, yellow card (disability services), blue card (working with children) and look forward to working with you on your journey to become a safe, courteous and
knowledgeable driver.

Allan (Manual)

Allan (Manual)

Hi, I’m Allan,

I have over 30 years experience on the roads and having been a Sales Rep for the six years prior to becoming a driving instructor drove an average of 80,000km per year.

I developed a significant capacity for instructional excellence along with some very unique driving experiences with 11 years in the Australian Army.

Having spent so much time on the roads I want to do my bit to make the roads a safer and a more enjoyable place for everyone to be. Some of what you see on the roads is unbelievable from either attitude or lack of knowledge. It is a genuine problem and I want to be part of solution. I intend to bring you along on that journey and make you part of the solution also.

Of course, this about passing your driving assessment and getting those ‘Ps’ however I offer substantially more than ‘just passing the test’.

I look forward to working with you on one of the most valuable and important daily life skills you will learn.

Kirsty (Auto)

Kirsty (Auto)

Kirsty brings a wide range of life experiences to her driving career, her main focus is safety which comes from being a Flight Attendant with Qantas for 20 years.  

Kirsty  is highly motivated to ensure students get the most out of every lesson.  Kirsty creates continuity between lessons by using structured lesson plans to ensure students achieve a high level of driving competency, road awareness and safe skills for life.

She has empathy and relates well to all ages as she is also a mother. She is fun, happy and brings a positive can do attitude.

Sam (Auto)

Sam (Auto)

Hi my name is Sam,
Throughout my career as a flight attendant with Qantas (12 years) and as an Early Childhood Teacher working in Australia and Hong Kong, I pride myself on my ability to easily establish a report with a diverse range of people.
I am calm, patient, friendly and genuinely care for young people who may be feeling nervous about driving. I am passionate about helping new drivers become safe, responsible and competent drivers for life.
Muzzy (Auto)

Muzzy (Auto)

Originally from Zanzibar, I’m married and a father to 3 boys.

I have been behind the wheel for more than 20 years, and have had a privilege to drive in different countries both on the
left and right side of the road.

Spent a decade in Hospitality Industry that gave me an opportunity to meet people from different walks of life. As a result, I have developed a genuine attitude to extend a helping
hand to anyone in need.
I’m very outgoing and love travelling, history and nature fascinates me.

Fluent in English and Swahili, and some basic knowledge of French, Kutchi, Hindi and Arabic.

John (Manual)

John (Manual)

Originally from the UK, the Sunshine Coast has been my home for the past 17 years. I have over 30 years of experience driving manual/auto vehicles, motorcycles and commercial vessels. 
My years of driving experience and a background in Commercial Diving has heightened my awareness to hazards and safe practices in my surroundings. 
I apply the skills I have gained over the years assisting new drivers (you) to be safe and prepared using good driving habits and behaviours resulting in being test ready with confidence in obtaining your drivers licence on the day.
I have a patient, caring and friendly approach putting new drivers at ease behind the wheel and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you and teaching you how to be a safe, prepared and competent driver.
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