Noel (Manual)

Hi, I’m Noel Lawson, married with 4 grown children and 2 Grandsons. I have been a professional driver trainer for 13 years and looking forward to the next 13, I have been driving 40 years, well maybe 48. As a driver trainer I am passing on my 40 years of experience to my young drivers, my main focus in driver training is SAFETY and proper control of your vehicle. Not only teaching you to pass a test, but rather teach you to drive safely correctly for life in many different situations.

5 Star Rating


Thank you RAC, you were so streamline, booking my exam and instructor was so easy compared to the other websites. Noel was a champ that showed me thoroughly and professionally from a person who wanted too me exceed. The phone booking experience was very easy and friendly and would highly recommend to anyone out there from new to experienced. I went home today feeling enlightened with even more knowledge that I had before in driving. I passed with almost flying colours. I couldn't thank the team enough from RAC right down too Noel. Will highly recommend to anyone learning to drive. As Noel said "I won't teach you how to pass a simple exam, I will teach you how to drive". That's what everyone needs.

A true hero, I am a semi experienced driver yet Noel Lawson was a great instructor. Not only did he thoroughly help me perfect my faults but he was a great mentor on driving in general. If more people put the dedication into his teaching ways the roads would be a safer place. I thank you so much and would highly recommend anyone from beginner too advance to drive with him and learn from his wealth of experience! Thanks again Noel, It was a lot of fun driving with you and picking your brain on driving knowledge despite my gearing bad habits! Cheers!

Ashley Johnson

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