Kevin (Auto)

Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Area: Northern Brisbane/Southern Morton Bay Region

Teaching Experience: 10 years +

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: 2023 Suzuki Swift Hatchback

“I have over 40 years of driving experience and have driven a variety of vehicles such as motorcycles, off road buggies, Jeeps, tanks, armoured vehicles, coaches, buses, camper vans, forklifts, trucks and of course a range of everyday cars.

I would love the opportunity to pass on my skills and knowledge to you.

With a passion for driving, teaching and water sports I have, over the years, been fortunate to have taught water-skiing and diving in the UK, Red Sea, Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean. I have also taught off road driving and have been a lead recovery person in several rallies in the UK.

My family and I relocated to the Northside of Brisbane in early 2019 and now after driving school buses, tour buses and trucks throughout Australia I feel it's time to get back to my
passion of teaching.

My last role involved being the primary trainer for new truck drivers.
I have an industry authority card, yellow card (disability services), blue card (working with children) and look forward to working with you on your journey to become a
safe, courteous and knowledgeable driver.”

Reviews 5 Star Rating


My journey to earning my driver's license wasn't easy; It was a golden opportunity that I found Kevin from RAC School of Motoring. What seemed to be a stroke of luck turned out to be a turning point in my driving journey. Kevin’s teaching style is beyond what you'd expect from a conventional driving instructor. Yes, he equips you with all the necessary knowledge to pass the driving test, but more importantly, he instils in you the real-life driving skills that come from years of experience on the road. He meticulously puts you in challenging driving situations, ensuring that you’re equipped to handle whatever the road might throw at you. With his guidance, I learned not just to drive, but to drive safely and confidently. After a few sessions with Kevin, I took my test again and passed! But the story doesn’t end there. Kevin isn't just a professional driving coach; he's a supportive and caring friend who genuinely celebrates your victories with you. I received a heartfelt congratulation message from him, a testament to his caring nature and his dedication to his students. In Kevin, I found not just an instructor, but a mentor and friend. He is genuinely committed to imparting his wealth of driving knowledge to his students, a trait that sets him apart from others. If you’re looking to not only pass your driving test but also become a confident and responsible driver, I highly recommend Kevin from RAC School of Motoring. Thanks to Kevin, I'm no longer just a driver's license holder. I'm a confident, safe, and responsible driver. That's a life skill, and for that, I can't thank Kevin enough! Highly recommended!


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