Darrell (Auto) Smith

My name is Darrell Smith, I've always had a passion for driving and motorsports and have been been a
professional driving instructor for 8 years now, passing on my own knowledge from 45 years of experience behind the wheel.
I enjoy watching my students gain knowledge of safe driving practises to eventually pass their test and
gain that final independence.

Prior to this I ran my own engineering business for over 35 years after spending some time teaching at Ultimo Trade College.

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Darrell is a knowledgable, intuitive and thoughtful driving instructor. His friendly demeanour and years of driving experience provided a comfortable space for me to grow in my confidence on the road. Prior to having lessons, I was an extremely anxious driver. Darrell helped me to overcome my anxiety behind the wheel through his straight-up effective teaching approach, valuable feedback and optimistic outlook. Exiting my time as a driving student, I know I have been equipped with the confidence, safety and assurance in my driving ability. I'm so grateful to have been taught by one of the best!

Thank-You again, Darrell! Absolute Legend!!!!!

Ceale Sadi-Brydon

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