Allan (Manual)

Allan (Manual)

Hi, I’m Allan,

I have over 30 years experience on the roads and having been a Sales Rep for the six years prior to becoming a driving instructor drove an average of 80,000km per year.

I developed a significant capacity for instructional excellence along with some very unique driving experiences with 11 years in the Australian Army.

Having spent so much time on the roads I want to do my bit to make the roads a safer and a more enjoyable place for everyone to be. Some of what you see on the roads is unbelievable from either attitude or lack of knowledge. It is a genuine problem and I want to be part of solution. I intend to bring you along on that journey and make you part of the solution also.

Of course, this about passing your driving assessment and getting those ‘Ps’ however I offer substantially more than ‘just passing the test’.

I look forward to working with you on one of the most valuable and important daily life skills you will learn.

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