Joel (Auto) Nicolosi

Hi my name is Joel and I am one of the professional driving instructors currently working within the company.

Driving is my passion, I've been on the road my whole working career, I love to help people and teach them the correct way to stay safe and to be aware as well as responsible on the road.

I have many years of experience working and driving on the road as I was a professional Silver Service driver for many years in a family business.I am here to pass on my knowledge to every student who wants to learn with the emphasis on safe driving on today’s modern busy roads.
I look forward to meeting and helping you on your path to success.

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First of all, id like to say, I’m a mature age student with severe anxiety.
I had a 3 hour session with Joel the day before I went for my test, and miraculously ended up passing my test the following day.
Joel was so patient with me, didn’t force me into anything I wouldn’t comfortable doing, and let me take my own pace. I hate being rushed. It only makes my anxiety worse.
When I went to Joel I was quite a wreck. I wasn’t even aware that some round about had two lanes.
I had only logged 20 hours with my mum, and 5 hours total with professional instructors.
So I was absolutely gobsmacked that I passed the test the first time, and in an area I had never driven in before.
Joel taught me everything they ask you to perform on the test, and Paul gave me some great tips on the phone too.
I never in a million years expected to pass first go.
That should be a testimony to how great RAC school of motoring is.
I’m still planning on continuing lessons with Joel, finances have just been a little tight, but once I’m back on my feet, I’ll be booking some more lessons to focus more on reverse parking and confidence in general.

Tam M

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