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My name is Anthony and I was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I am happily married with three children and elder two have spent many training hours with me in preparation for their driving test.

I have been professionally trained to drive since age of 18 and gained my Heavy Vehicle Licence at the age 21 enabling me to drive tourist charter buses for my fathers business.

I'm a Metro Bus Driver, have been in the field for over 14 years driving for Metro NSW, SA and currently for Brisbane.

I am a qualified Driving Instructor with Cert IV in Transport & Logistics plus Cert III in Driving Operations. My teaching methods guarantee you feel calm and confident on the road after getting through VORT (vehicle on road test) 

I am a calm, friendly and caring individual who treats safe driving as my main focus.  

5 Star Rating


Hey guys, I know you're probably reading this and thinking of whom to book a driving lesson with or a mock test and I just want you to know, to look no further than booking Anthony for all your needs. I had booked 3, 1 hour lessons including the package deal and honestly in that short amount of time, Anthony was so helpful in correcting all my bad habits and mistakes I've picked up along the way. I didn't even know I was doing this incorrectly or lack of in the first place so it was great to have such a great teacher pointing that out and teaching you ways to better this or in my case implement this into my daily driving. I was a student who didn't do head checks often or properly, I didn't know how to do most of the manuals that you should know and I was doing a lot of things confidently but I lacked the technique to pass the actual drivers test. Anyway getting to the point, I passed my Drivers Test today and with NO MISTAKES TOO!!! Anthony thank you so much for your hard work and making me a better driver, you are amazing!!!!!!

Thank you for your amazing feedback, Anthony is a valuable team player and we are lucky to have him working with us, Drive safe and well done to you too.

Team RAC

Lua Pahulu

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